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Welcome to the website for the church of Christ in Richmond, MO! We would love to have you visit with us anytime.

Please feel free to browse our site, download any of the materials provided or E-Mail any bible questions. Let us help you understand God's Word, the Bible.

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Gospel Meeting with Steve Monts

August 8-13, 2021

10:00 am Sunday - God Has Given To Each of Us a Measure of Faith

11:00 am Sunday - Our God He is Alive 

4:00 pm Sunday - Are You Happy?

7:00 pm Monday - Just So Long as You Are Sincere!

7:00 pm Tuesday  - The Beginning of the Apostle Paul

7:00 pm Wednesday - What is Hidden Under Your Tent?

7:00 pm Thursday - The Failure of Felix

7:00 pm Friday - God is Not Far From Each One of Us.

11:00 am - Monday, Wednesday & Friday day classes - The Beginning of Moses

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